Get on Top




Get on Top Overview

Get on Top is an exciting virtual wrestling game where you can choose your favorite wrestler and join the action-packed wrestling competition. The mission is to make your opponent's head touch the floor by controlling the analog sticks.

You can jump, turn, push, pull or box the other. It takes a lot of navigation and strategy in each move. Punch the opponent as many times as you can and get the highest score. The one that gets on top of the other wins the match.

The rule is simple but it's so much fun to play. If you are the one who loves a combat game, this addicting two-player game is the game for you. It will be better if you play with your friend.

Use the Arrow keys to control the person on the right and WASD keys to control the person on the left. If your friend doesn't join, use either WASD or the arrow keys and the computer will play as the other character.